Recently I was honoured to be included in An A-to-Z Of Indie over on Twitter. I decided it was time to repay the favour, and have been building up my own Twitter A-to-Z of thanks and appreciation for the last two weeks. You'll find all the posts here (in reverse chronological order - Twitter doesn't do chronological).

I still have a few days to go, but here's the text from the messages I've sent so far (and I'll update it as I continue). You'll need to go to Twitter to see the gifs, but I've made their Twitter handles hyperlinks to their accounts so you can easily follow these cool people. :-)


It's time for me to pay it forward and promote accounts on Twitter that mean something to me. One a day, A to Z. #AtoZKD2017

Many accounts to follow. People to send good wishes to. Sharing is always a fun thing. #AtoZKD2017

And the first one is ... #AtoZKD2017

A is for ...

A is for @AlteredInstinct for giving me this idea. See #AtoZofIndie for the inspiration and kindness. #AtoZKD2017

I was featured by @AlteredInstinct as the letter D, which made my day. … #AtoZKD2017

Also, @AlteredInstinct wrote this fantastic review of my horror collection: … #AtoZKD2017

My favourite part of the @AlteredInstinct review was this final bit shown in the image. #AtoZKD2017

So thank you very much @AlteredInstinct for being first in my #AtoZKD2017

An addendum to A is the author Sarah Anderson @sea_author who is also a whizz with graphics. #AtoZKD2017

@sea_author recently read one of my books and earned gold stars for posting photos of it in the wild. #AtoZKD2017

And her review made me smile "I don't think I've ever read horror like this!" #AtoZKD2017

So thanks, @sea_author :-) #AtoZKD2017

B is for ...

And next up ... B is for @Book_Connectors #BookConnectors (set up by the wonderful @annecater) #AtoZKD2017

@Book_Connectors is a community of authors and bloggers, brought together due to the sheer love of books and words. #AtoZKD2017

Many of my blogging and reviewer friends (some of which I'll feature later in the series) were met through @Book_Connectors :-) #AtoZKD2017

So thank you @Book_Connectors #BookConnectors @annecater for all you do for authors and readers! #AtoZKD2017

While I am on the letter B, there is also the multi-talented @MsBessieBell - singer, author, musician, designer, editor #AtoZKD2017

I love the strong branding of her books, and the content:
Thanks for being an example @MsBessieBell #AtoZKD2017

I have one more letter B: @Bbrilliantbooks
So much enthusiasm, the Best Newcomer Award at #bloggersbash2017 was well-deserved. #AtoZKD2017

@Bbrilliantbooks Abbie also interviewed me last year on her blog, about my author influences #AtoZKD2017
Thank you!

C is for ...

C is for horror fan The Corpse Bride @noelle_kelly and her wonderful blog #AtoZKD2017

I met @noelle_kelly at a Facebook party to launch They Move Below
She was a super guest/horror expert! #AtoZKD2017

@noelle_kelly has also been a huge fan of my work, reading and reviewing all my horror books so far #AtoZKD2017

So a heartfelt thanks to Ireland's amazing @noelle_kelly
Check out her blog, follow her on Twitter. :-) #AtoZKD2017

D is for ...

D is for @emdehaney who shares lines from her works-in-progress as little snippets of glitter strewn across my Twitter feed. #AtoZKD2017

D is also for DISTRIBUTORS, who get books from authors and publishers to the readers and fans. #AtoZKD2017

Distributors include @Smashwords who paved the way in this area, and have a wonderful DRM-free stance. #AtoZKD2017

Distributors include @pronoun who have many useful tools and who give their help staff the title of "Author Happiness Advocate" #AtoZKD2017

Distributors include @IngramSpark for their extensive print distribution network #AtoZKD2017

Distributors include @AmazonKDP and @CreateSpace for making things easy for authors #AtoZKD2017

Thanks to all the distributors helping authors and publishers! #AtoZKD2017

E is for ...

E is for @JanetEmson who writes knowledgeably about books at #AtoZKD2017

@JanetEmson kindly let me appear on her site to talk about the beauty of #shortstories

So thank you @JanetEmson for all you do to promote good books! #AtoZKD2017

For E I also want to shout out to my friend and fellow author KY Eden @redcroftjournal #AtoZKD2017

Find out more about her @redcroftjournal books at #AtoZKD2017

F is for ...

Today I change things slightly. Instead of a person, F is for ... Fonts! #AtoZKD2017

There are lots of fonts at and for many it is their first place to visit. #AtoZKD2017

But because many are free, the same DaFont fonts get re-used again and again on things like book covers. #AtoZKD2017

I even recognise some of the fonts on genre covers as being "X from DaFont, again" - it ruins the professionalism. #AtoZKD2017

A better option is @fontbundlesnet - many professional fonts, reasonably priced, often in value bundles. #AtoZKD2017

@fontbundlesnet also regularly gives away lovely fonts - Thank you @fontbundlesnet! #AtoZKD2017

Another great font option is @CreativeMarket #AtoZKD2017

@CreativeMarket have much more than fonts - they sell many lovely design elements at #AtoZKD2017

And @CreativeMarket even give away some things every Monday! #AtoZKD2017
Thank you @CreativeMarket!

G is for ...

G is for @grabthisbook and Gordon. He reviews tirelessly at #AtoZKD2017

@grabthisbook reviewed the first edition of my sci-fi horror, Harvest Festival #AtoZKD2017

And @grabthisbook reviewed my horror short stories, They Move Below: "Mr Drinkwater has a delightfully warped imagination" #AtoZKD2017

@grabthisbook also interviewed me, and I revealed a true spooky event I'd experienced #AtoZKD2017

So go and follow @grabthisbook and browse the reviews on his site. Thank you @grabthisbook! #AtoZKD2017

I'm not quite done with G. G is also for @JaySpencerGreen - my first philosophy lecturer #AtoZKD2017

The philosophy course he taught inspired me to do Classics at university, which I loved so much I got a first #AtoZKD2017

And by a strange twist, after various careers, we both ended up as authors twenty years later! #AtoZKD2017

So many thanks @JaySpencerGreen (who once had a comedy stage name of Derek Saliva - "The name on everybody's lips") #AtoZKD2017

H is for ...

H is for ... Helen Treharne @Tea_Talks! #AtoZKD2017

I met her when I contributed to her Facebook party to launch Book 2 in her Sophie Morgan Vampire Series #AtoZKD2017

You'll find her site at
Thanks for introducing me to Facebook launch parties, Helen!

H is also for @ShaunEHorton #AtoZKD2017

The connection between my two H friends is that both Shaun and @Tea_Talks helped my own Facebook launch! #AtoZKD2017

Amongst other things, Shaun has written a series of fun blog posts about cryptids #AtoZKD2017
Thanks, Shaun!

I is for ...

I is for independent! Specifically, @IndieAuthorALLI
They do a great job supporting independent authors. #AtoZKD2017

It doesn't matter how a book gets to the readers' hands. Trade-published, small pub, hybrid, indie - as long as the book is good #AtoZKD2017

As long as the author wrote the story they were passionate about; as long as it burns in the minds of the readers. #AtoZKD2017

An author can transfer rights to a for-profit publisher, who will deal with some of the editing, design, and marketing ... #AtoZKD2017

... or an author can keep all the rights, and hire professionals to deal with editing, design, and marketing. #AtoZKD2017

I wrote a lot more about publishing options at and #AtoZKD2017

Thank you @IndieAuthorALLI & all orgs that support authors, including distributors (D in my AtoZ) #AtoZKD2017

J is for ...

J is for @julie_cohen, the well-respected and versatile author - and helper of other authors #AtoZKD2017

I've attended a great course by Julie and @rowancoleman (they often run retreats, well worth going) #AtoZKD2017

Julie also advised me on various works: of TMB she said "I was scared shitless and loved every minute" #AtoZKD2017

Julie's advice is invaluable. She is supportive of the good parts of your writing, and lets you know when you've nailed it ... #AtoZKD2017

... and she is 100% honest when she tells me off for "long-ass paragraphs" or not being concrete enough, or killing space aliens #AtoZKD2017

Julie is awesome. Read her books
Thank you, Julie! #AtoZKD2017

Another J is multi-genre author @JennyKaneAuthor #AtoZKD2017

Jenny was kind enough to interview me about my "Manchester 2000" books #AtoZKD2017

Jenny's a great writer, her site is
And although I don't celebrate birthdays, it is hers today. :-) #AtoZKD2017

One more J! I've covered two authors, but want to include an excellent book blog as well. J for Jera's Jamboree! @shazgoodwin #AtoZKD2017

You'll find Shaz's site at - Shaz is one of my many #bookbloggers #bookconnectors friends #AtoZKD2017

There was a lovely review of my novella Harvest Festival at #AtoZKD2017

I was proud to be included in "5 Halloween Reads to make you shiver" with
@naominovik @Thomas_Novelist #AtoZKD2017

So many thanks to @shazgoodwin for all you do for authors and readers! #AtoZKD2017

K is for ...

K is for @AmyKitcher! I've been waiting for a while to do this one. :-) #AtoZKD2017

Amy is both a talented writer, and someone who works tirelessly promoting the quality writing of other authors #AtoZKD2017

Amy's also a lovely person who extends her interest and compassion way beyond her local surroundings. #AtoZKD2017

Amy was kind enough to read and review my non-horror books and #AtoZKD2017

So thank you Amy, for all that you do, and for joining my group of lovely friends! :-) #AtoZKD2017

I was out and about yesterday, so didn't finish K! K is also for @susiekearley, friend of guinea pigs and wildlife! :-) #AtoZKD2017

L is for ...

Time for today's AtoZ. L is for ... lots of ladies with L names. #AtoZKD2017

First up is @stimsonink, author of Redwood, a gothic horror novel. She's one to watch. #AtoZKD2017

LB was also kind enough to review Harvest Festival.
Many thanks! :-) #AtoZKD2017

My second L today is @leonora_meriel, a talented author: I've read her second novel, The Unity Game, & will write a review soon #AtoZKD2017

I think Leonora is getting married today, so the timing is good - congratulations, hope you'll be very happy in your unity game! #AtoZKD2017

As an aside I made tiny edits for LB&Leonora in the past, though both write well, check out their work! #AtoZKD2017

My third L is @LittleMemoirs - Becca was one of the first of many lovely #bookbloggers to support my work by reviewing it #AtoZKD2017

"A hugely inspiring novel that I adored from start to finish."
Thank you for your review, Becca! #AtoZKD2017

My fourth L: writer, editor, lecturer Barrie Llewelyn @Arleta1. Amongst other things, she put together #AtoZKD2017

I got to meet her at the collection's launch in Cardiff
Many thanks for all you do for writers, Barrie! #AtoZKD2017

My fifth and final L today is @Lindahill50Hill, respected bookblogger extraordinaire. #AtoZKD2017

Linda doesn't read horror so I had fun with her challenge: persuading her to read one of my scary books! #AtoZKD2017

Thank you Linda, for being so enthusiastic about books, helping authors, helping readers! #AtoZKD2017

M is for ...

M is for E M McIntyre @finlayforever, a fellow author who is incredibly supportive of other writers. #AtoZKD2017

Her books are really well-received - see and #AtoZKD2017

She's also said lovely things about my horror books: #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks @finlayforever! #AtoZKD2017

M is also for Kirsten McKenzie @Kiwimrsmac, another author and friend of mine. #AtoZKD2017

Her latest novel, Painted, is doing really well and looks like a great read for horror fans #AtoZKD2017

Keep on creating, Kirsten! #AtoZKD2017

One more M! @MarkG_Author who seems tireless in his writing and sharing of useful and interesting information. #AtoZKD2017

He's written a lot - check out his latest series of books - #AtoZKD2017

So I recommend keeping up with all that Mark does! #AtoZKD2017

N is for ...

N is for @NerdishMum, who is one of the friendliest and most supportive #bookbloggers I've ever encountered #AtoZKD2017

NerdishMum interviewed me on my first blog tour and has reviewed all my horror books! #AtoZKD2017

For her review at I created an interactive version of one of my stories #AtoZKD2017

Visit her excellent blog at which is packed with reviews and author interviews. Thank you, Helen! #AtoZKD2017

While talking about N for @NerdishMum, I was reminded of a book reviewer who introduced me to the term "nerdfighter": @Charli952 #AtoZKD2017

Charlotte is the only person who has reviewed one of my books on video: special kudos for that #AtoZKD2017

I was on holiday (though also editing a book!) when I saw her review, and it was the best thing about the day. Thanks Charlotte! #AtoZKD2017

O is for ...

O is for @OrnaRoss - famous author, but also tireless defender and supporter of other authors #AtoZKD2017

Amongst many other things, Orna founded @IndieAuthorALLI #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks for all you do, Orna! #AtoZKD2017

P is for ...

P is for Pete Kahle @HorriblePete: horror author, fan, supporter, and more #AtoZKD2017

Pete was kind enough to review one of my books too :-) #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks, Pete, and best wishes for the future! #AtoZKD2017

I've linked to a lot of fellow authors, but P is also for @PatriDuarte, because our readers and supporters keep us going #AtoZKD2017

Patricia reminds me that I have fans and well-wishers in other countries than the UK and US. :-) Muchas gracias, Patricia! #AtoZKD2017

Q is for ...

Q is for @TheQuietKnitter. Kate was a "hidden gem" at the 2017 Bloggers' Bash Award (which honoured many of my blogger friends) #AtoZKD2017

Kate is based in the most Scottish of countries and has an excellent book blog at #AtoZKD2017

And no, Kate hasn't reviewed my books or been on my blog tour. :-) I'm just praising cool book people. #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks for being in my #AtoZKD2017, Kate!

R is for ...

It's been a few days (I was in Scotland), but I'm back, and R is for ... Redman @SavannaRedman #AtoZKD2017

Savanna's creative with colours, words and images, and I really like her style. She has a new website at #AtoZKD2017

She was kind enough to review one of my books #AtoZKD2017

Her Goddess Colorizing Journal would make a great present, and shows how creative she is #AtoZKD2017

So have a look at Savanna's work! I'm glad she's one of my kind and thoughtful friends. #AtoZKD2017

S is for ...

S is for @smbslt - So Many Books, So Little Time! A Scottish super-book-blogger. Visit her site #AtoZKD2017

Lainy reviewed They Move Below: "Drinkwater has the knack of creating a tense and terrifying atmosphere" #AtoZKD2017

She also reviewed Turner: "[At] one part near the end of the story, I actually whooped out loud!" #AtoZKD2017

So thanks, Lainy! Everyone follow @smbslt, aye! :-) #AtoZKD2017

S is also for @sarahhardy681 who I met via her book blog, but who is also an inspiring book publicist. #AtoZKD2017

Sarah was kind enough to review the first edition of Harvest Festival: "had me on the edge of my seat" #AtoZKD2017

Thanks for everything you do, Sarah! #bookbloggers #AtoZKD2017

T is for ...

T is for @TheBehrg: fellow author, musician, and cool guy. #AtoZKD2017

He blew me away with his novel Housebroken: "I don't feel like there's a word wasted in this story" #AtoZKD2017

There are some high-quality freebie samples of his work if you sign up to his friendly newsletter at #AtoZKD2017

Brandon also enjoyed Harvest Festival: "the fluff stripped away, leaving only a rip-roaring story" #AtoZKD2017

So many thanks to @TheBehrg for inspiring people, writing great prose, and supporting other authors. #AtoZKD2017

U is for ...

U is for ... erm, U is for ... Ups. Unprepared. Unusable letter. #AtoZKD2017

U is for ... Urth. (Groan!)
I follow Life on Earth @planetepics to have nice things in my feed. Thanks for brightening my days! #AtoZKD2017

V is for ...

V is for @VictoriaGoldma2, awesome #bookblogger - see #AtoZKD2017

If you want great recommendations for crime, psychological thrillers, historical fiction and women's fiction, follow her! #AtoZKD2017

V is also for @vegancakery
I'm vegan, I like cakes, and theirs were gorgeous.
Nom. Thank you for the cakes.

I have no X, Y or Z, so I am nearly finished with my #AtoZKD2017
It is really AtoWKD2017, but I didn't realise that when I started. /fail

W is for ...

W is for for three women. First is Jo Worgan @mummyworgan, Brew and Books reviewer. #AtoZKD2017

Jo tried Turner "one fast paced, horror slasher of a read, that had me turning pages at breakneck speed" #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks for your support, Jo! I love it when people try horror and surprise themselves by enjoying it! :-) #AtoZKD2017

W is also for Emma Welton @damppebbles, another super #bookblogger #AtoZKD2017

Emma was an early supporter of TheyMoveBelow; I also wrote about depression in a guest post on her site #AtoZKD2017

Many thanks, Emma! #AtoZKD2017

W is also for Hayley Webster @bookshaped, who wrote the excellent and memorable novel Jar Baby #AtoZKD2017
Thanks, Hayley!

And so ends #AtoZKD2017.
I was kind, never mean.
Although tweets each day were hell,
There's an archive at this URL.