It's here! Cold Fusion 2000 has a new edition. New publisher, new ISBNs, new blurb, new interior formatting, new distributors, and a new cover. There have also been small tweaks to the story itself: occasional strengthening of themes or recurring images, and another buff of polish to the language.

The biggest change is that I made Alex a year younger, and Natalie a year older, since a few readers thought the age gap was too much - yes, I do pay attention to what my readers say! Also, if you have read 2000 Tunes and wondered what happened to Mark’s Kangol hat after Denny threw it in the river – the new version of Cold Fusion 2000 answers that.

I love this new edition, and hopefully 2000 Tunes will be updated to match in early 2018, at which point there will also be a collected e-book edition of both books (as happened with my bestselling horror anthology). If you've already got Cold Fusion 2000 then there's no need to buy the new edition, since 99% of the content is the same. Save your pennies for something else. :-)

Oh, the e-book is also on special at the moment - $1.99 instead of $3.99.