"We women must stick together. I'm going to paw through the book on Halloween."
-- Dolly The Cat

The Lost Solace paperback is available! It was released for sale on 15th October.

Blurb and details here. Early review here.

Where Can I Get Lost Solace?

It's available from the Buy My Books links, including Amazon UK and Amazon US.

You could request a copy in your nearest bookshop if it isn't already in stock. Another option is to ask your local library to order a copy, which won't cost you anything, and means other local readers will get a chance to see the book. In both cases the details below will be useful:

Title: Lost Solace
Author: Karl Drinkwater
Publisher: Organic Apocalypse
Book Length: 273 pages
Print ISBN: 978-1-911278-11-5

The RRP is £7.50.

E-book Availability

The e-book will be available some time before Halloween. Check here.