A couple of days ago I was interviewed on Lounge Books as part of their Horror Lounge event. Here's a backup of the interview.

Meet author Karl Drinkwater @karldrinkwater #HorrorLounge

Karl Drinkwater

By Karl Drinkwater

Tell us about your latest book

Lost Solace, an action sci-fi horror where a super-tough woman has to face her demons without losing her humanity. A haunted house in space: Event Horizon mixed with Alien. #GirlOnAMotherfuckingSpaceship

First memory of reading horror

Up a tree, reading horror anthologies from the school library. The branches swayed and creaked, leaves rustled as if things moved nearby. Weeping willows are the best to climb.


Did you write in other genres or straight to horror?

I am a multi-genre author, because my primary focus is telling a good story – genre becomes irrelevant to me. Or the genres can be combined where it serves the story. I’ve written horror, thriller, literary, contemporary, and sci-fi. Some of the horrors are also literary; some of the contemporary stories have elements of romance, and so on. Some of my fans only like my darker works, some only like the more relationship-based stories. A few enjoy my writing regardless of where it goes. All good stories involve characters you care about or are interested in, and situations that pull you in, and elements that stay in your mind afterwards.

Tell us about your fans

They are lovely. Without them I’d feel like I was talking to myself all the time (I only really do it half the time; and maybe, because the cat is listening, it doesn’t count as madness). They write reviews, they tell other people about my work, they send me pictures and messages. I love it when I get an email saying “I stayed up until 2am to finish your book and now I am too scared to sleep!” or “I read that book on my honeymoon, and my husband got annoyed because I spent so much time reading by the pool!” Though that seems to imply that I enjoy ruining their sleep patterns and breaking up marriages, and it isn’t true.


Do you believe in evil? 

Of course. Evil is simply making choices that harm others. It’s a reality every day.

It’s why horror is an enduring genre. There are two types of horror story.

Those about demons and aliens and zombies and man-eating sea monsters: that’s entertainment and fantasy and escapism from the more depressing truths of the world. And it’s great because of it.

Those books about the true evil of actions: that’s important stuff that says something about the world, and leaves splinters in your mind.

Both are important.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Oh yes indeed. I don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays or stuff like that – Halloween is the only annual celebration I take part in. I go into full horror mode and set up lists of books and films to immerse myself in. This was last year’s indulgence pack: http://www.karldrinkwater.uk/2016/10/my-films-for-halloween.html
I always prepare trays of treats for any kids calling, and try to go for healthier stuff, like small boxes of raisins, or fake satsuma pumpkin heads where each is different. This was from last year:

Where can readers find you?