Lost Solace at #3 in the UK's top 100 sci-fi adventure novels on
Amazon - just after Artemis by the awesome Andy Weir!

It's been a good week for Lost Solace, especially in the UK. It may have reached a higher place in the charts before I got round to taking a screenshot, but these are the best rankings I grabbed evidence for:

Top ten in at least three categories. According to my Amazon dashboard, Lost Solace got to #161 overall out of millions of e-books in the UK store.

The recent Amazon ratings were probably down to a mixture of factors.
  • A new book, in a genre with voracious readers (quality action/suspense sci-fi).
  • Another exciting high-profile book was released at the same time by pure chance with a similar cover (Artemis by Andy Weir).
  • Lost Solace was at the promotional price of $0.99 for a week, even though it is new.
  • A few authors and sci-fi fans mentioned the promo in their newsletters.
  • I received excellent early reviews on high-profile sites and from a few book bloggers.
  • And probably the biggest boost: I got my second Bookbub featured deal for 28th November. This one was international-only, so excluded the US, which is why I did well in the UK rankings but didn’t see such a spectacular shift in the US.
In my last promo I got my Horror Collection to #1 in the UK horror charts.

Lost Solace will get a sequel, due in 2018.

#4 in the whole of sci-fi books (Amazon UK)