Many people enjoy books without the author ever finding out. That's normal, but it is also nice when we do hear from readers. I especially love hearing about why they liked one of my books, and which elements stood out. That is the kind of thing authors bear in mind when working on future books and sequels.

Well, after a day of dealing with a crappy issue (called Paypal) I received the following email from a reader in Canada, and it made my day.

I just finished reading Lost Solace and really enjoyed it. My preferred genre is present day or near-future hard science fiction, so this was a bit of a departure, but I really dug the cover (yeah, I know that's pretty shallow). After reading the reviews, I gave it a try. It was excellent, even though I usually shy away from any horror, this was great.

I took particular joy in not having to make notes on all the characters in the book. Being old and stupid comes with forgetting most characters in a book by the next day. Instead of continually looking it up, I have taken to jotting down notes. Many books seem to take pride in how many characters they can develop in one book. They could take a lesson from you. You were able to write an entire book with a single character that never got stale. Kudos.

The AI is great, just like I envision it will eventually transform. I enjoyed the banter between the AI and Opal. The smart suit was fantastic.

Beautifully written, your word-craft is stellar (I suspect you attended all your English classes).

I know it's important, so I did leave a small review on GoodReads and Amazon.
(Message included here with permission.)