I had little idea of what to expect with The Sadist's Bible, having never read Nicole Cushing's work before, but I was quickly pulled in. There is no dallying about - we get a strong premise right away, and are dropped into the crux of the situation in a way that inspires confidence in the author. Then there are twists I didn't see coming, and imagination that surprised me - not easy to do - and I was left pondering this fascinating and horrible tale that does not overstay its welcome. My favourite books leave me wanting more, but being denied it. This fits that pattern.

Some elements reminded me of The Hellbound Heart, others of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. The book impressed me in both concept and execution. From me, that is high praise. 5*

[I've avoided spoilers, but be warned that this book contains some (well-done) extreme horror and potentially upsetting content.]