I've just written "The End" for Chasing Solace (the sequel to Lost Solace)

Word count = just over 90,000 words (the first novel was 59,000).

Drink = Penderyn Legend, Welsh whisky.

The book was begun in England (Shrewsbury) Friday 25th May 2018, continued in Wales (Aberystwyth), and finished in Scotland (Dumfries) Fri 28th September 2018, so its writing took place in three countries and incorporated one house move in August. :-)

It's been great to continue a story which had been originally intended as a standalone, and a bit of an experimental piece of thriller sci-fi based around questions that seemed to go against generally received wisdom. Could I keep a reader interested if most of the novel was just two characters conversing by radio? Could I have almost non-stop, continuous real-time action and not bore the reader or wear them out? Could I relegate men to secondary roles and give women the lead without losing what makes them women? And could I break the cardinal rule that the reader has to know the stakes, by hiding what the hell the protagonist was even trying to achieve (and why) until the end of the novel?

So, Opal is back in action.