They Move Below is my collection of dark tales, perfect for Halloween.

This is what one review said about it:
"It's nice to see Drinkwater playing around with form here - with some stories framed around internet chat logs, others in the shape of police interviews. [...] For me, the best of the short story collection was an unexpected one - Web tells a tale of a Somali woman who has been subjected to [redacted, for spoilers], and the mental illness she appears to be suffering from. It's a tough tale emotionally to read, but brilliantly done. The harsh honesty of the tale almost feels out of place alongside the fantasy horrors of the other stories - but it's perhaps the most horrific of all for that. Other excellent tales in this set are the nightmarish cave journey of Claws Truth Forebear and How It Got There, which is a treat." 5*
-- Altered Instinct
As a treat for Halloween, and in thanks to Altered Instinct, I've made a copy of that story temporarily available for free. Download it in PDF, Mobi or Epub format. Happy Halloween.

(I will also give away a new and previously-unseen short horror story in my next newsletter. Sign up here.)