Me, reading a horror story (I'm the one stood up, not the skeleton)

Last night there was a Halloween Special event organised by Brave New Words (a monthly open mic night at The Stove for writers, artists, musicians and songwriters to share words spoken or sung to an audience). A packed crowd were treated to a range of excellent and varied poets, singers, magicians, performers, and authors. It was my first time attending one of these events, but I acted as the finale and read out one of my stories from my fourth book, the creepy collection, They Move Below. I chose one of the shortest stories, If That Looking Glass Gets Broken, about a strange old couple and their "child" - it's a fun one to perform because there's so much opportunity to embody the old woman's barely-contained excitement, and love of words. (You can read one of the stories from that collection for free here.)

I felt like I was being watched as I ate my cake

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