Whadya mean, I'm two days late? I was busy finishing Chasing Solace and sending it to my wonderful team of beta readers!

Well, I spotted this article "Chilling reads for Halloween" which included a mention of my own work:

"Web by Karl Drinkwater (as part of his short story anthology): this story is interesting for a couple of reasons: features a POC character from a culture I admit know little -she is a Somali woman, living in England-, there is certain ambiguity on it that will leave you to wonder what really happened. Sometimes horror doesn’t come from outside, but from inside us. It’s a tough read, so be warned."

I love reading what people think of my stories!

At the moment you can read that story for free here: "Halloween freebie - Web, from They Move Below".

Some of the other horror-related blog posts I wrote recently for official Creepy Day:

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