What does a writer do on a Sunday? Well, today it wasn't writing.

I'm aware of lots of local movements encouraging people to take ownership of their local area - planting things, clearing litter, sweeping paths and so on. We may already pay for some of those things with our Council Tax, but in my past experience I could spend weeks trying to persuade my Council back in Wales (Ceredigion) to clear up some litter, or I could do it myself in five minutes with a lot less stress and wasted time. So I tend to favour direct action, and have joined in with community litter picks and often done my own.

I recently moved to Scotland and have talked about the community effort that goes into making our local train station/railway station so lovely. I had noticed that one of my nearby road signs and all of the pedestrian crossings had patches of algae on, sometimes obscuring part of the display and reminding me of the spreading red weed in War of the Worlds. So I took out a bucket of soapy water and sponge cleaned them, then washed them down with plain clean water. It looks a lot nicer now.


It looks like pea soup, or someone sneezed

I doubt if anyone wanted to touch that

These looked like remains of civilisation after an apocalypse



All the sparkles

Yellow again, rather than green

Peace and love, my fellow beings.

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