Opal and Clarissa (Lost Solace) are the double winners of the Best Kick-ass Heroine Award 2018 in the Jera's Jamboree Best Fiction Books 2018 list!

"I loved the fact we have two (I’m counting Clarissa, the AI in this) strong female leads who make split second decisions from very limited options, showing true grit and resilience. Who are not adverse to breaking the rules to get what’s needed and pushing through to the end and yet are loyal and steadfast. An appearance from a senior member of the military only serves to highlight issues of freedom and morality. Do you follow what you know to be true or do you bend your knee to the hierarchy? It’s not until later on that we find out for sure what drives Opal’s behaviour. For once it didn’t matter to me.  She had my vote from the beginning. All readers will be able to able to identify with the psychology that underpins the story as well as feel a connection to Opal."

The reviews of Lost Solace constantly state that Opal and Clarissa (the AI), and their relationship, are core to why the book appeals to so many people. You can read an interview between Opal and Clarissa here. I'm so proud of how well this book is doing!

An update for fans: the audiobook is almost finished, and the narrator is so good that my neck hairs prickled when I listened to it. The sequel - Chasing Solace - has been written, and is just finishing the beta reading process. Chasing Solace will be out in 2019, answering many of the questions from the past, plus "what happens next?"

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