Even though one of the genres I write in is sci-fi (hello Lost Solace), and part of my educational background at university was science (astronomy and geology), it sometimes surprises people to find out that I am not really in support of space exploration and the idea of colonising other planets.

It becomes less surprising if you know me well. I feel like humans should first learn to live in peace and within their means on this wonderful planet we have. At present, if we expanded to other places, we'd just keep up our current culture of massive consumption, over-expansion, waste, and perceiving everything we encounter (sentient or not) as belonging to us. We would miss the opportunity to change for the better.

Poetry can gain creative strength from the restrictions placed on the form, so that every word (or even letter) counts. Without the restrictions a lot of writing becomes flabby and filled with unnecessary words and digressions, because there isn't a demand for discipline.

We have everything we need on this planet, but haven't found any way to live within our means, or to look beyond our species' self interest. That's where I think most of our research should be going, to counter the unsustainable growth-is-good mantra that drives most of our economies.

We already exist in the best of all worlds, and many people don't even see it. It doesn't take much imagination to identify what we're doing wrong, and to picture better ways of being.

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