I recently ran a Hidden Gems promo for Lost Solace (as I had done for They Move Below). At the end of it Hidden Gems passed on the comments they'd received from their readers. It was all good, but here are my favourites, because they tied the novel into gaming (and my novels normally have flavours of many different sources):

"This book was very good had a hint of Halo to it with interesting concepts about the AI. Would like to read a second instalment."

Ha, it will be with us so very soon ... :-) I did play the first Halo game. I was always disappointed that the series wasn't available on Windows (and, now that they are coming, they will require a crappy Microsoft account to play - which means I won't be buying them!)

"Solid book. Well written. I enjoyed it. Liked the Wing Commander take down of the heavy cruiser."

And I love the detail of this one, especially as I spent many years playing role-playing games with friends, and Turner was partly born from a role-playing game I devised and ran for friends:

"You know the beginning of your story reminded me of a roleplaying game session, using the Stars without Numbers game, I ran several years ago. A salvage crew having to board a starship that was in the decaying orbit of a star. In that though the prize was a briefcase containing life extending drugs. The group found the briefcase and successfully left the ship... They could have saved the ship...
Your story goes well beyond all that of course. I really liked the idea of the lure-ship. I'm just letting you know I am going to borrow your idea if I ever run another science fiction session. Good book, nice story. Believable characters."

A few other quotes:

"Outstanding writing"

"The book was a fun read. I like that the main character is a female. You don't see that in a lot of science fiction books. This was definitely a well-written space adventure with plenty of action and a lot of creepy mystery. I loved the friendship between Opal and her AI companion Clarissa. It's a very satisfying story and I enjoyed it very much!"

Finally, unrelated to Hidden Gems, a fan shared this with me today - they had posted it on Facebook, and it adds up to an excellent summary of why people seem to find Lost Solace so appealing:

"Lost Solace has been described as a "Haunted house story set in space", which I've found to be an accurate description. The premise is that our protagonist, "Opal", has absconded with a secret, advanced military spacecraft with an experimental A.I. on board, named "Clarissa". She is searching for what is known in the fictional universe, as a "Lost Ship", as she believes her sister went missing on one. Without giving anything away, a Lost Ship is basically a Mary Celeste type of deal, a mysterious ghost ship. The book shares some similarities with the film "Event Horizon", which is all I'll give away.
What follows is a great story, equal parts creepy, funny, riveting, and action-packed. One of the real highlights here is the relationship between Opal and Clarissa, as Clarissa is such an advanced A.I., she makes a fantastic partner to Opal, and their banter, joking around, and genuine affection for each other is really quite touching.
As well as that, I find that male authors usually really struggle to write female characters. That is not the case here at all. It's a very genuine sounding story, with genuine characters, despite all the eldritch horrors contained within it."

I always appreciate the lengths fans go to in order to spread the word about their love for my books - it really does mean a lot, and help my career. If, of some mad reason, you want to see what else people have said about Lost Solace, check out the review quotes on the book's page.

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