People have been asking me questions for a long time.

"What happened next?"
"When's book 2 coming out?"
"Does Opal find what she's looking for?"
"How's Athene/Clarissa?"
"Do you actually do any writing, or just spend all day on social media?"
"Where's my biscuits?"

(Actually, that last one was just my cat, Dolly.)

Well, the lot of you can shut up. I've done it. I've written words. I've rewritten words. I've re-re-written words. And again, just to be sure. I've polished. I've tidied. I've cut. I've remixed. Then, when my beta readers suggested new scenes, I went off and wrote those. And now, my fine people, it's time. Time to announce:

Chasing Solace! [Dum dum dum brakkabrakkabrakka etc]

Book 2. The sequel to the much-loved Lost Solace.

And it was time to turn the dial up to eleven.

Lost Solace is 58,500 words. Chasing Solace is 95,500 words.
Lost Solace had one setting. Chasing Solace has more.
Lost Solace featured a big and creepy spaceship. Chasing Solace features [redacted, but it's an eleven, for sure].
Lost Solace forced Opal to face numerous threats. Chasing Solace has smarter threats.
And so on.

Publication day (yay yay yay) for the e-book version is 15th April 2019. The paperback release will come at a later date. You can even pre-order the e-book. It's $1 cheaper to buy it now than it will be on release day. I'm probably going to do a discount deal on Lost Solace so that people who have never experienced this world can get both books at a cheaper price. I'll announce that at a later date.

I also have a newsletter you can sign up to: the next issue will include a free preview of the opening of Chasing Solace for my newsletters subscribers, so sign up if you want that preview. Or wait. Up to you. I don't care. I already know what happens. I've read it twenty times (though it is still good).

Remember: 15th April 2019 is Publication Party Day!

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