Here's a checklist of useful things for authors to consider when it's time to do some editing and rewriting. No, it's not exhaustive: it will still be useful though. It's just a few of the things I look out for as I read work for clients.
  • Factual errors; breaks in continuity.
  • Showing not telling.
  • Dialogue: is it natural/believable?
  • Descriptions: are all the senses engaged?
  • Cliches.
  • Repetition of words, phrases, gestures, settings etc.
  • Unnecessary words.
  • Do subplots break up the main plot and improve the story?
  • Are all the characters needed? Can any be merged? Are they three-dimensional?
  • Does the end tie in to the beginning? Does the climax have enough impact and emotional payoff?
  • Are there surprises/reversals/turning points? (Escalating gaps between expectation and result.)
  • Do the stakes get higher throughout the novel?
  • Is every scene necessary? If one is removed, will it destroy the plot? If it only serves one purpose, such as characterisation, then is it really earning its keep? Does it end with a reason to keep reading? Does every scene propel the main characters deeper into the story?
Good luck!

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