I thought I'd freshen things up as part of a spring clean, ready for my first big book release in eighteen months! (Lost Solace exploded into the world in October 2017.)

I last updated my website with a new theme almost exactly three years ago, in March 2016. It seems so long ago, and so much has changed since then.

In case you're curious about what is different, I'll include some before and after images below. The new site design has a few new features:
  • My logo in the header.
  • Social media icons in the header.
  • A new slider system on the homepage that shows three books/promotions at a time, rather than just one.
And a few that were less important to me, but still nice:
  • A menu with room for further options, in preparation for new books, genres, and series.
  • A right-hand-bar widget that combines popular posts, tags, and my archive of posts via selecting tabs at the top (rather than each one being a separate widget).
  • A more visible search box.
It took me an afternoon to apply the new XML template, customise it, rebuild navigation menus, connect social media icons, and create new images for the sliders (since the old ones were too big).

The old website homepage

The new website homepage

The old website - how a page looked

The new website - how a page looks

Where next? You might want to follow me and my work, or even buy my books. Many thanks!