14th May: #1 Bestseller in Horror (Amazon USA)

It's been a good week for my Lost Solace books. A very good week. I had reduced the price of Lost Solace and advertised it in various places. As a result I sold over 2,400 copies of Lost Solace and the sequel, Chasing Solace in a few days. Wow. Note that Lost Solace was published in 2017 - so that's a fantastic result for a book that is almost two years old!

It was enough to move me to the #1 spot on Kobo and Amazon in a number of categories (since Lost Solace straddles both sci-fi and horror). Not just #1 in the UK, but globally - US, Canada, Australia etc. And it's maintained its position well throughout the week: I checked just now and Lost Solace is still the #1 book in Kobo Australia's horror category (and #2 in sci-fi).

13th May: UK Kobo, #1 Horror book, just ahead of one of my all-time favourites: IT by Stephen King

14th May: #1 book in a number of Amazon (Canada) sci-fi categories

14th May: #1 Bestseller in a sci-fi category (Amazon Canada) - note the lovely orange Best Seller label applied to the book!

14th May: #1 Bestseller in Horror (Amazon USA), just ahead of Stephen King (again)

15th May: #1 Bestseller in a few categories (Kobo UK)

17th May: #1 Bestseller in Horror still (Kobo Australia), ahead of Paul Tremblay's "The Cabin At The End Of The World" and Stephen King's "The Outsider"

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