I love it when people share photos of my books out in the world, especially if it is tied to a message or personal observation or hint of how the book is affecting them.

Yesterday I saw the image above, combined with the following message:

Really excited to hear that the sequel to "Lost Solace" by @authorkdrinkwater, "Chasing Solace", will be in print soon! Both books have gorgeous covers and I can't wait to have the sequel next to the first in the series. For those that don't know me beyond being an avid photographer, I'm also an avid reader and I really recommend this series! Strong female protagonists are incredibly awesome!
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In a private message I was told that it is a real g-suit in the photo! Sharing that with me made my day.

To say thanks to just a few of the people who have shared photos of my books out in the wild, here is a selection. Thank you, one and all!

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