The Chasing Solace e-book has been around for a while. But there was no paperback.

I'd already received some book post today - another author sent me their latest title because they thought I'd like it (the excellent-looking Conundrum puzzle book by science writer Brian Clegg).

Then ... an even larger parcel arrived. I half-expected it to be a chocolate order I'd forgotten about. I like chocolate and I won't apologise for that love.

I fetched Mr Stabby, and we opened it.

Yay! This is often an author's favourite type of parcel. (Yes, even more than chocolate or whisky). Authors normally share videos of the happy openings but I am old-skool and low-tech so the best I can do is photos. I thought I'd share my happiness, since I am normally seen as rather grumpy. :-)


Title pages!

Once again, the book chapters are a countdown - but Chasing Solace has a lot more chapters! It's a bigger book and a bigger story. "Deeper and wider" is how I think of it.

Order your copy via the links here.

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