Sometimes my readers tell me things they'd like.

"Hey Karl, write a sequel to Lost Solace."

"Dude, I wish there was a film made out of Lost Solace."

"Dear Mister Authorman, I'd like a T-shirt that says Lost Solace."

Yes, Lost Solace is my most popular book/series ... :-)

I am working on the sequels. I  can't do anything about a film unless people can persuade Neill Blomkamp or another director with experience in that genre. But I decided I would look into the clothing idea.

I've now set up a store with Teemill.

They're the most ethical of the clothing companies I contacted. Organic GM-free cotton, no animal testing (inks) or animal products, low waste printing tech, made in a renewable energy powered factory etc. You can find out more in the product specs and on their website.

There's a range of products but I'll only design 15 different items max. I have some free slots in my range. So, are there any of my other books people would like to see featured on clothing? Or particular designs you'd like? Quotes, and if so, which ones? I'm happy to look into options, just get in touch with me here, or on social media. I'm always interested in feedback, since there are so many designs, clothing items and colours to choose from.

There are postage charges for items ordered - and since they are all made in the UK factory, I am not sure how expensive will work out for international customers.

My First Order

I ordered some items, and was impressed with the delivery.

Some of my items - no waste plastic!

Lovely packaging that's full of detail. All just recyclable paper. Brill!

I like the way my author logo is included on the address label :-)

The Lost Solace Logo T-Shirt, modelled by some weird beardy bloke

Browse the whole store here.

Where next? You might want to follow me and my work, or even buy my books. Many thanks!