I love green spaces. I do my bit to look after my local area (e.g. cleaning, removing rubbish, litter picks etc).

This was a park near me. It was green, though could have benefited from being enhanced with flowers and native shrubs. I'd have loved it if those kind of improvements had been made. Still, it was nice walking past it on the way to the library or a cafe.

That's all changed, and it breaks my heart. Instead of enhancing the natural beauty, a local group (FB / Website) worked with Munro Landscape to ruin it. Trees were cut down, diggers moved in, large areas paved. Would they leave the other green areas? No, every bit of grass was dug up. It looks more like vandalism to me.

The view now

Some of those responsible

Others who seem to support digging up open green areas, listed here

I've seen this happen with green spaces in other towns, where they're divided up more and more by concrete paths, cutting green spaces into smaller wedges. What about teaching people to respect the natural environment, not despoil it? Shouldn't children be taught to appreciate and enhance nature, not remove it as a hindrance? I don't like to walk past it now, and have heard similar sentiments from other people. What a mess.

Maybe they have plans to plant wildlife-friendly bushes and flowers and smaller fruit/nut trees, but if so, they wouldn't have dug up all the grass and put sand down instead of soil, so at the very least they are doing it in an arse-about-tit kind of way. Dumfries Council should have scrutinised the plans and not allowed them if they resulted in loss of green spaces in the town.

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