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"[Alex's] relationship with the opposite sex is what really makes this story. There is an innocence to it and made me reminisce of my younger self and past relationships.
I love the female characters in the story. They all bring something different to the story. Kelly, his sister, again reminded me of what life was like with an older brother and the squabbles. I loved how feisty she is. Natalie on the other hand, her friend, is more wiser than her years of which I think is down to her own family background making her grow up that little bit quicker. Lucy, well, you need to read this book to fully understand her character but she certainly makes for an interesting one.
Cold Fusion 2000 is not your straight forward romance/coming of age story. It does have a deeper meaning though, not to live looking back on life but to look ahead instead. By the end of the novel, I really felt a bond with Alex. I loved the beginning of the book also where the author cleverly transports the readers back, well if you are a certain age, to some truly classic song choices that flooded my mind with memories. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, I highly recommend this book."
-- bytheletterbookreviews

"I was captivated by this intelligent, witty love story which so perceptively explores the ties of Alex's past, the apathy of his present and the possibilities for his future.
The book opens with one of the best recaps of a character's past that I can ever recall reading; by using song titles (beginning with Ebeneezer Goode and ending with That Don't Impress Me Much), readers are taken on a whistle-stop tour of Alex's adulthood to date. In just a few clever lines we learn that he started a PhD in Physics but after his relationship with his girlfriend, Lucy ended, he left university and began teaching in a further education college; five years later, nothing has changed, he still lives at home and still hates his job. It's now the year 2000 and either the start or end of the millenium, depending on your viewpoint (it matters very much to Alex!) and as the story begins properly, it's clear that he has stagnated and is still living as a young person on the brink of adulthood rather than as a 28-year-old man.
A picture soon emerges of an intelligent but socially awkward man who spends more time in his own head than is good for him and whose social life is almost non-existent. He dreams of having a physics paper published but there's something so painfully chaotic about his thoughts that it's impossible not to pity him, even though he is often self-centred to the point of rudeness. Although his relationship with Lucy has been over for years, he doesn't seem to have been able to move on and is a rather sad and lonely figure. It's obvious that he is completely dissatisfied with his life but there comes a point where his mental health is clearly very fragile and it's difficult to see how he is going to be able to progress from this point.
Therefore, it's a pleasant surprise to see a very different side to Alex when Lucy suddenly appears in his life again. He isn't so obsessed with physics and his conversations with her about poetry and art are fascinating and really quite touching. I really warmed to his character at this point in the book because he begins to open up a little and allows himself to take risks even though it makes him vulnerable to being hurt again. Lucy is an intriguing character; the reader learns a little more about her than Alex is aware of, but nevertheless, there does seem to be something she is holding back - possibly from herself as much as from Alex.
It's hard to review Cold Fusion 2000 without giving anything away but in the latter part of the book, Alex has the opportunity to change his life and I was curious to see how he would react. This is often a very humorous read but it's also an insightful look at how a person can be deeply affected by life's disappointments and although I didn't fully warm to him initially, by the end of the novel I was desperate for him to be happy. There are two other significant women in his life, his sister, Kelly and her friend, Natalie and I really enjoyed seeing how their interactions evolve during the course of the story. Karl Drinkwater writes such beautifully nuanced, believable characters who can perhaps be a little irritating at first but then later reveal a totally different side to their personality. There's a real warmth to the writing too, with the importance of family being valued as much as romantic love, and I thought the depictions of Alex's extended family were wonderfully authentic.
Cold Fusion 2000 is brilliantly deceptive novel with little clues scattered throughout as to the truth - whatever that may be... It's a story about the impossible being possible - which can be interpreted a number of ways, but just as Alex is a physics geek who also loves art and poetry, so the book can be more than one thing at the same time.  How much is real and how much is fantasy is debatable and there are no definitive answers here so it very much depends on each reader's own analysis of the events. I also really enjoyed the information included about various artworks and the way in which they linked with the plot. I love books which take me out of my comfort zone and make me think and the cleverly structured, engaging and multi-layered Cold Fusion 2000 did just that. Highly recommended."
-- Hair Past A Freckle

"The opening chapter 1992 – June 2000 gives you a sentence run down of Alex’s year with a head nod to a song from that time. I absolutely love that, one wee chapter totally took me down memory land and I remember all of those songs, this book could have a wee playlist and it is a belter!
The book is very much relationships and personal growth but hugely and cleverly littered with nods to science, significance of numbers and some other wee delights that for me had to go look up or gab to someone else about. The relationships were reminiscent of some of my own from a time when I was much younger and I think Alex is a character pretty much any reader can, if not identify with, then appreciate in part, especially as the book progresses. Once Lucy entered I wanted to know exactly what was coming next, keeping me on my toes throughout. I have read and loved Drinkwater's other books, he branches into other genres, so if you haven't read them do check them out as they are all very different!"
-- So Many Books, So Little Time

"I felt Alex was a bit without focus and needed…something. And, something he did find. I won’t tell you what but will say it is worth reading to find out.
This book was well plotted, intriguing and well worth reading. They say it takes the right woman…and I think Alex did finally find her.
Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes
4.5 Stars."
-- Cathy's World

"This was an amalgamation of physics, poetry, a fugue state, and life lived on a different plane.
The story was swirling depths where everything was open to interpretation. Subtle clues were hidden in the prose and in the depths of the characterization. The author wrote a love story but which occurred in a few seconds or 72 hours depending on how the clues were read.
Time condensed to a chapter and time expanded to a book when the author took his pen to write. This might sound like a love story, but it was about living a lifetime in a few days or a few seconds. Are we who we truly say we are? Do we exist beyond and within? Can we exist and not exist? Who is to say we don’t live multiple lifetimes on different planes.
The book was beyond the realms of logic into the tangents of possibilities. The characters were anchored in the realms of reality and imagination. It was surely a different read. It needed me to look into myself and beyond myself.
The book reminded me that I have also lived a lifetime in a few seconds, but they actually didn’t happen. Yet the joy and warmth of love was present in my heart. Then how can I deny it didn’t happen?"
-- Shalini's Books And Reviews

"I found myself rooting for Alex as he tries to make sense of his life and move on. Very different from anything I have read before, if I were to put it in a genre I would go for romance/family saga."
-- Books 'N' All

"The author really nailed the plot. I enjoyed that it was not a traditional love story. The characters were human and realistic.
A great story that was well written with some really well developed, and interesting characters!"
-- Donnas Book Blog

"I discovered a tale that was wonderfully written and gradually drew me in. I found it very difficult to put down. A story of a man who is lost, but needs someone to take the time and have the patience for him. Alex went from a man I wasn’t that fussed about to a man who I really liked.
I think this is a book for those who like something a little bit different, that is well written and has some wonderful heartwarming moments. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it. "
-- Me And My Books

"What a clever author, digest every sentence and store everything. The more the story evolved and the more I softened to Alex who knew the Lucy of old so very well, even after all this time. Her thoughts and the intimacies that he had relived so many times. This is such a beaut of a storyline, go with your feelings and go with Alex’s. Brilliant!"
-- Books From Dusk Till Dawn

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