The new edition of 2000 Tunes is now available! New ISBNs, new distributors, new covers, new interior illustrations, new appendices, and new editors and proofreaders mean this is the ultimate edition!

This is not just a minor tweak, it involved some major rewriting, even though the story remains the same. One of my editors worked on the specific task of cuts, and this version is still a big book, but has had 22,000 words removed from it (original version 144,458 words; new edition 122,253 words) to make it tighter. Some scenes were merged, or slightly shifted to places where they helped the story flow more satisfyingly. Fun fact: I actually cut around 40,000 words, but then I wrote a further 18,000 new words along the way, expanding on a few key scenes. It's now the book I always intended it to be, and a worthy partner to Cold Fusion 2000.

2000 Tunes - available at all the usual places in print and e-book formats. It had been "out of print" for almost a year while this new edition was were painstakingly and lovingly created. :-)

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