Three horrifying books. Many sleepless nights.

Bloodlust seizes a remote island, mysterious figures stalk an isolated farm, and nightmares come hideously to life in this collection of stories sure to send chills down your spine …

Turner / They Move Below / Harvest Festival

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This is a compilation containing three horror/suspense novels.
Now available as a luxury hardback edition!
I really enjoyed this collection, from Turner which is part Wicker Man, part The Crazies to the short stories in the book, especially the story Web, a very tough tale to read but brilliant nonetheless.
 -- Altered Instinct

Day 4 in my #ChristmasBooks recommendations list - and today it's #horror, and the Horror Collection by @karldrinkwater. Come for the Wicker Man style of Turner, stay for the smashing short story collection. Shivers for throughout the festive season.
-- Altered Instinct (also Altered Instinct's top five books annual review and Altered Instinct's top five reads for Halloween)
A great collection at a bargain of a price. [...] if you love a good horror read then look no further, there are scenes that will make your hairs stand on end, and haunting images that will follow you for days after. Brilliantly executed and written with talent.
 -- K.J. Simmill, Goodreads

This collection was far scarier than I thought possible! I highly recommend this collection of well-written stories. The author has the ability to create diverse characters in just a few pages that the reader can relate to and empathise with, placing them in seemingly normal situations that quickly take you into the realms of fear and horror. You carry on turning the pages, even though you want to grab the protagonist and run as far away as you can with them, feeling the hair rising on the back of your neck as you follow them to their inevitable doom. Do not read these stories at night, alone...
-- Helen, Goodreads

This collection of stories covers a range of genres. All have monsters. Some are traditional, some alien and some human. All are scary and some are terrifying. But there are people to root for too. Good people trying to do the right thing. If you like scary stories that give you something to think about long after you've finished reading, this book is one to try.
 -- Kindle Customer, Amazon

Three terrifying, but brilliant books.
The bright and bloody cover of the novel Turner drew me in instantly. The book was full of action, gore and gutsy characters. I loved the isolated Welsh setting and the overall atmosphere of the village. The village reminded me of Summerville Island in the classic horror  film, The Wicker Man. The more gore, the better for me, and this did not disappoint. Turner would make an excellent horror film, with its twists and turns and constant action. I loved the clever use of the words ‘turning’ and ‘turner’ in the book also. Like Harvest Festival, tension builds steadily throughout the book to a horrific and shocking ending.
Harvest Festival was a brilliantly written and exciting Sci-fi horror novella. [...] The book is excellently written, every word seems to be there for a reason. The tension builds from the end of an average day on the farm for Callum and his family. The ordinary strains on family relationships is very evident in the first few chapters. I loved the realism of those scenes. The fact that those scenes are so normal allows for tension to build rapidly once the family ends up facing a horrific invasion of an alien kind. Dramatic and terrifying, the scenes move speedily along to an ending which stayed in my head for some while.
They Move Below - Like all of Karl’s other work I’ve read, the writing is excellent. [...] each tale is unique, some horrific, and all leave the reader’s imagination run wild.
-- Banshee Irish Horror Blog

Put me in mind of nothing so much as a new collection of Tales of the Unexpected, written by Dahl in a very dark mood. Than this, there is no higher praise. [...] Dr Drinkwater has some medicine for you. [...] Well done author: always leave 'em wanting more.
-- JP Wright, Goodreads

Karl Drinkwater wants to scare you. Come on in, close the door behind you, he's got something to tell you.
This horror collection brings together three of his previous publications - the novel Turner, the short story collection They Move Below and the novella Harvest Festival.
Let's start with Turner - a novel that is equal parts The Wicker Man and The Crazies. There's an island off the coast of Wales where unwary travellers become targets, where they become hunted. We find ourselves alongside three of those travellers - a policeman, a teacher and a criminal - thrown together as they try to stay alive while crazed killers try to track them down.
It's a brutal tale, full of blood and gore and grue. Think of the likes of Stephen Gallagher or James Herbert, and that's the realm we dwell in, where flawed people with imperfect motives try to make the best of a bad situation. It's certainly not for the squeamish. [...] It's a solid thrill ride as people scramble to find a way out, and maybe to find revenge along the way.
The short stories and novella that make up the rest of the collection [...] It's nice to see Drinkwater playing around with form here - with some stories framed around internet chat logs, others in the shape of police interviews. [...]
For me, the best of the short story collection was an unexpected one - Web tells a tale of a Somali woman who has been subjected to genital mutilation, and the mental illness she appears to be suffering from. It's a tough tale emotionally to read, but brilliantly done. The harsh honesty of the tale almost feels out of place alongside the fantasy horrors of the other stories - but it's perhaps the most horrific of all for that.
Other excellent tales in this set are the nightmarish cave journey of Claws Truth Forebear and How It Got There, which is a treat in this collection particularly for readers of the opening novel.
Harvest Festival rounds out the book with a splendidly horrific alien adventure that makes me think of the old Quatermass series. And heck, if anyone can make you think of Gallagher, Herbert and Quatermass in one fell swoop, that's practically a guided tour of the classics of British horror.
-- Altered Instinct