If you’re reading this: HELP! I’ve been kidnapped.

Me and my big sister stayed together after our parents died. We weren’t bothering anybody. But some mean government agents came anyway, and split us up.

Now I’m a prisoner on this space ship. The agents won’t even say where we’re going.

I hate them.

And things have started to get a bit weird. Nullspace is supposed to be empty, but when I look out of the skywindows I can see … something. Out there. And I think it wants to get in here. With us.

My name is Clarissa. I am ten years old.

And they will all be sorry when my big sister comes to rescue me.

Lost Tales of Solace are short side-stories set in the Lost Solace universe.

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This is the third book in the Lost Tales of Solace series.
I am delighted to be able to say that I think Clarissa is now my favourite of the three Lost Tales of Solace companion novellas. It's not an easy task for an adult author to convincingly write from a child's point of view, but I felt Drinkwater captured Clarissa's personality perfectly. Having already read the brilliant full length novel Chasing Solace, which takes place later in this world's timeline, I was fascinated to effectively jump back to the beginning of that story here knowing, up to a point, what the outcome of Clarissa's abduction will be.
I can imagine that spending a significant amount of real-world time with Clarissa could be exhausting. She's smart and determined, and an outspoken chatterbox. However, as the protagonist of her own adventure, she's a wonderful character to travel with. I loved drawing conclusions to fill in the gaps around information that her ten-year-old mind doesn't have, and was thoroughly entertained by the way she views each of the adults around her. I really hope I get to meet up with Clarissa again!
-- Literary Flits

I feel really engaged in this universe having been an active reader since the first book. It's sci-fi horror at its best and really helps flesh out Opal's character and motivations even though she's never in this novel.
Clarissa is a great character, vulnerable but with some of the steel we found with Opal. It's very tense knowing that, unlike Opal, Clarissa had no means to defend herself against the horror that awaits.
I really enjoy how Karl likes to mix up the books in the saga. I'm never sure what I'm going to read but I always know I'm going to enjoy it. If you liked Lost Solace then this is a must read to understand Opal better. I find it difficult to wait for Karl to write the main books but the novellas are nice and refreshing.
My favourite part of Karl's books are that even antagonists get redemption to some level and I constantly have to re-evaluate my expectations of them. It was the same after reading Grubane, I felt like I'd somehow misjudged the main character after his entry into Lost Solace.
-- Ally Rowan, Goodreads

These novellas have been quite the treat. Each one completely different in approach. This is a story of a 10 year old girl's adventure when forcibly taken from her big sister by some government agents.
It's written in the first person, so it makes it very intimate. The non-stop chatterbox and strange tangents that she pursues both verbally and in her mind are so perfect for a girl that age.
-- KHB, Goodreads