Lost Solace is currently a Semi-Finalist in the international SPSFC science fiction competition. Finals take place in July 2022. 

Opal has stolen a sentient AI military craft and entered the cloud of interstellar debris surrounding a neutron star. Hidden within this cloud is a mysterious “Lost Ship” that may answer a mystery that has haunted Opal for half her life. But Lost Ships are also rumoured to host strange and horrifying forces. And can she really trust the AI?

Two novels and three novellas that span the Lost Solace universe in one luxury hardback edition:

  • Lost Solace
  • Chasing Solace
  • Helene
  • Grubane
  • Clarissa

Hardback Only

This is a huge book! But watch out for sites overcharging customers. The RRP is £32.99 (UK) / $45.99 (US)
See individual book pages for main reviews: Lost Solace; Chasing Solace; Helene; Grubane; Clarissa.

Great Science Fiction. I have completely enjoyed all these Lost Solace stories as they were released and remember waiting in anticipation for the next one to come out, so it's nice to see them all under one roof in a hardback edition.
The main stories are beautifully written, non-stop, exhausting action with a bit of fantasy and horror that center around a single protagonist and a couple Artificial Intelligence partners, without ever getting stale. It's quite intimate and off-times funny.
Each of the novellas could stand alone, but certainly add to the understanding and flesh out some of the back story very nicely.
The treatment of the powerful Artificial Intelligence characters through the stories is so well done. There are some really funny bits and a lot to think about with respect to AI and how difficult it would be for a computer to effectively represent a human. Just understanding humour is a huge task that the AI has a lot of trouble mastering with all its subtleties.
I would recommend Lost Solace to anyone who enjoys science fiction.
-- KHB, Amazon CA