Chasing Solace (Lost Solace Book 2)


“Opal’s first Lost Ship was horrifying.
The second will test her limits.”

The legendary Lost Ships exist, and they harbour nightmarish horrors. Opal knows. She barely survived her first encounter with one.

Despite escaping, she failed to find what she was looking for: her lost sister. Now Opal must board a second derelict Lost Ship to seek answers, and it’s even more monstrous, a sickening place of death and decay. To make things worse, the military government wants her, dead or alive. Considering their reputation, dead may be better.

To find her sister, Opal will risk everything: her life, her blood, her sanity. There’s always a price to pay. Armed with her wits, an experimental armoured suit, and an amazing AI companion, she might just stand a chance.

Book Length: [xx] pages / 95,500 words
ISBNs: Print [xx] / E-book 978-1-911278-13-9


5* "Having already established the dynamic relationship between Opal and Athene in the first book, Drinkwater loses no time diving straight into the action with the sequel. [...]
Drinkwater wisely takes what the reader might expect and shifts it on its head, upping the stakes while introducing new elements we haven't yet encountered. First off, the lost ship in this book has been taken to the next level, with some serious creep factors that made for a fascinating and eerie setting. This was one of my favorite parts of the original book, and seeing Drinkwater continue to make the setting and lost ship almost a character unto itself continues to add dimensions to this series you don't often find in sci-fi.
Without going into spoilers, my favorite part of this book was the change in relationship between Opal and Athene, with conflict hitting in multiple and unexpected layers. A new character of sorts is introduced, with its own unique arc, which was surprisingly gut-wrenching, but that relationship between Opal and AI is what makes this series so unique.
Aggressive action, elements of horror, and some well earned twists and turns elevate this sequel from what could have been a mid-book slump. And for those hard-core sci-fi lovers, there are plenty of experimental yet scientifically grounded ideas floating throughout this book. Drinkwater's stretching his abilities here but proving he's got the chops to do it. Looking forward to seeing how this series concludes."
-- The Behrg

5* "Excellent sequel. I found this book was much more a horror and supernatural genre than the first book (Lost Solace).
I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment since I don't really enjoy horror and lean toward hard science fiction. It's just that Karl Drinkwater is such a master writer that I basically like everything he produces. His books, Cold Fusion 2000 and 2000 Tunes - loved them. Both are basically about love and growing up and have nothing to do with sci-fi. I wish he'd take on more projects like these.
As in the first book, Chasing Solace is a character driven story with a single protagonist and a couple Artificial Intelligent partners. Non stop action, but the interaction between the main character Opal and the A.I. is priceless and is the centerpiece of this book and also Lost Solace. It's so intimate and oft-times funny. Most sci-fi books seem to have so many characters I lose track of who's who, but to pull off a story with a single character, and keep it so interesting throughout is a difficult task."

-- KHB, Goodreads 

5* "The interactions between Opal and her AI are the highlight once again. Funny and humanising - humour is used again with great effect to break up the horror. 
If you liked Lost Solace then this is a great addition to the series. Whereas the first book reminded me of Alien and Event Horizon, Chasing Solace reminded me more of 2001 and Interstellar if they were written by Stephen King.
Chasing Solace fleshes out the universe nicely and adds other social context. Even without the horror elements this would be a great read for any sci-fi fan."
-- Ally Rowan, Goodreads 

5* "An excellent Sci-Fi/action saga! I've had a hard time finding books that were interesting and enthralling enough to keep my attention to the end the past few years. I loved "Lost Solace" when it came out by Drinkwater and was excited to hear a sequel was in the works. The author here does not disappoint.
Opal's search for her sister brings her to a second lost ship, one even bigger and more dangerous than the last, with even more insidious threats. We also see more of the universe Opal lives in and how twisted it really is under the surface level that most people live in.
Probably the best thing about this book, is even though it's the second in a series, you don't have to read the first to understand and get into it. Drinkwater's writing is so thorough, that you can easily enjoy this book after or before the first one, and I would absolutely encourage anyone who loves sci-fi to jump into either one to start this journey."
-- Shaun Horton, Amazon

5* "I enjoyed this book even more than the first. Lost Solace left me wanting to see more of the world Opal inhabits, and Chasing Solace delivered in spades. Some question were answered, and some more were raised, but despite that the book has a satisfying conclusion.
Opal is on the run from the UFS still, aided by her sidekick A.I., Athene, who you will remember as Clarissa from book one. Once again, they encounter a lost ship, but in no way does it feel like a rehash of book one, there are new eldritch horrors to face, and new enemies to face in combat. There is plenty of action to be had, and more touching moments between Opal and Athene. The interactions between Opal and Athene are absolutely the highlight of this series, trying to humanize an artificial intelligence is no easy task, but once again, Drinkwater delivers.
The prose again, is easy to read, as well as relatively short chapters that are easily digestible. And of course, the descending chapter numbers are back! There are parts that are poetic, fast-paced, hilarious, and heart-felt, and one scene in particular that I dare say, is mythological? Let's just say I hope that Athene finally gets the payoff of kicking a digital avatar in his unmentionables in book 3.
All in all, a fantastic read, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the series!"

-- John-Michael Lelievre, Goodreads 

5* "What a fabulous read. For me, this is very much a character driven novel, with Opal's voice at its core. There are also beautiful and funny scenes between Opal and the AI spaceship, all set in the vast expanse of Space. You really get a sense of their remoteness and that they depend upon each other. These scenes are beautifully written. Chasing Solace is an adventure story about a lost sister. It's full of action, pathos and human emotion. It's also stunning and I loved it!"
-- Brew and Books Review

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