Lost Tales of Solace

Lost Tales of Solace (LToS) is a spin-off series to accompany the main Lost Solace books. LToS are short side-stories set in the Lost Solace universe, each tale focussing on a particular character, filling in some gaps in the main story or scenes from the character's past.

Helene (Lost Tale #1)

Dr Helene Vermalle is shaping the conscience of a goddess-level AI.

As a leading civilian expert in Emergent AI Socialisation, she has been invited to assist in a secret military project.

Her role? Helping ViraUHX, the most advanced AI in the universe, to pass through four theoretical development stages. But it's not easy training a mind that surpasses her in raw intellect. And the developing AI is capable of killing her with a single tantrum.

On top of this, she must prove her loyalty to the oppressive government hovering over her shoulder. They want a weapon. She wants to instil an overriding sense of morality.

Can she teach the AI right and wrong without being categorised as disloyal?

Book Length: 17,200 words
ISBNs: E-book 978-1-911278-15-3

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