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Bonus in 2021: Lost Solace Handbook

At the moment Karl is working on the Lost Solace Handbook - a guide to the events, characters, factions, technology, and cultures revealed in the Lost Solace books. It also touches on classified topics that exist beyond humanity. The Handbook will grow over time as new Lost Solace stories appear, so that it represents our expanding knowledge about the worlds that Opal and Athene’s stories take place in.

The first edition of the Handbook is going to be available (free!) to newsletter subscribers only. The plan is to release a section with each newsletter in 2021, as each topic is finished, so that you can see the Handbook grow. When it is complete you'll also get the e-book in a single volume, to keep forever. After that, a new version will be made available for sale to the wider world. So if you want to be the first to read it, sign up today!